Fiat Toro 2018 Review

The new Fiat Toro 2018 is the perfect solution to those looking for a high-performance pickup truck models. The earlier attempts by the Italian automaker to successfully launch the car failed due to performance issues. However, with the new features added, the company is optimistic that they will record impressive sales with the new Fiat Toro model. You should expect a better engine performance and modern truck styling for the exterior body. The model shares much of its designing with Fiat 500L model. The interior styling adopts high comfort level and hi-tech infotainment technology.

Fiat Toro 2018 – Cutting Edge Exterior Styling:

The 2018 Fiat Toro comes with cutting-edge exterior styling. The front end adopts a new aggressive bumper with revised air events for enhanced engine cooling. Its front grille features company’s logo at the center. Both the daytime running headlights and rear lights adopts LED technology for better visibility. The Fiat Toro 2018 will also ride on massive 20-inch alloy wheels which make it good for off-road journeys. The lightweight materials including aluminum and carbon fiber materials will be used for chassis. This will significantly reduce the car’s overall weight hence improving the aerodynamic power and fuel economy. The Fiat Toro 2018 adopts a uni-body construction where the cab and the bed are attached. You should also expect an elegant faux front skid-plate.

Interior Design:

The 2018 Fiat Toro is a four-door medium-sized pickup. The truck appears very luxurious and comfortable inside. Its cabin will get a new impressive finishing with leather upholstered seats that enhances the comfort level. For the dashboard, you should also expect elegant upgrades including a 5-inch touchscreen display where most of the car’s control features will be operated. Other standard interior features include modern air conditioning system, automatic climate control, satellite navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity and smartphone integration.

The vehicle will also be offered with a modern sound system featuring USB port interface, Bluetooth audio connectivity, HD satellite radio, CD/MP3/MP4 player and others. The luxurious double cabin will come with a spacious interior featuring sufficient headroom and legroom. It will be offered with numerous safety and driver assistance features like an automatic emergency braking system, rear parking sensors, forward collision warning system, traction control, adaptive cruise control, multiple safety belts and also airbags.

Fiat Toro 2018 – Engine Options:

There are two engine options lined up for the upcoming Fiat Toro 2018. The base unit is a 1.8-liter E-Torq Flex 4-clylinder engine with power ratings of 139 horsepower. It will be mated to 6-speed automatic transmission system that sends power to a standard front-wheel drive (FWD) system or an optional all-wheel drive (AWD) framework. Fiat will also provide a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine unit capable of producing up to 170 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. This one will be paired to 9-speed automatic transmission system routed to the all-wheel drive system. The top speed for the 2018 Fiat Toro is estimated at 120 miles per hour. The approximated acceleration period from 0 to 60 miles is 10 seconds while towing capacity is around 2,200 pounds.

Fiat Toro 2018 – Market Release and Price:

Finally, the mid-size double cabin pickup will be released into the market in the course of 2018. The consumers are optimistic that the automaker will offer the 2018 Fiat Toro pickup at a base price of about $22,000.

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