Mercedes G-Class 2017 Facelift

According to reports, it is now affirmed that Mercedes has imminent plans of unveiling a new and lighter Mercedes G-Class 2017 version of its car model. This is bound to happen in some few months to come. This incredibly amazing car brand is expected to contain slightly redesigned exterior looks. Meanwhile, it will still retain the superior and iconic appearance of Mercedes G-Class car brands. Interestingly, there is an expectation that the interior space is bound to be increased in order to efficiently accommodate the passenger. Besides, this could give them a relaxing and calm environment during the drive. The engine performance of this Mercedes G-Class car is expected to be improved. The developers are planning to integrate a new engine that is highly defined in order to boost the speed, suspension, and overall performance. This is also to ensure it is in line with fuel efficiency regulations.

Mercedes G-Class 2017 – Exterior and Interior Design:

The entire outlook of this Mercedes G-Class 2017 model will still reflect the iconic design and character of Mercedes cars. However, some components will be redesigned to give this fantastic car a newly-defined formation. The exterior part is expected to incorporate more of Aluminium material which will make its width increase close to 1860mm. Meanwhile, there is a great concern of reducing its overall weight while still maintaining its stability.

It is also noted that the right-angled edges of the G-Class Mercedes-Benz models will not be modified for this brand, including its windscreen which is close to vertical.

Interior Design:

The potential buyers should expect a complete interior overhaul boosted by great styling that is well-designed and refined. At this moment, the developers have placed more concerned on improving interior space so that it would comfortably accommodate passengers. Meanwhile, the steering wheel will be quite compact and well-inclined to driver’s position.

In relation to the safety system, more security cameras will be integrated to ensure the trip is safe and secure. Other safety features will include a remote-controlled assistant, stopping sensors and path take-off cautioning. Additionally, infotainment system with digital integration will also be included in this Mercedes G-Class 2017.

Mercedes G-Class 2017 – Engine Specifications:

In relation to the engine, it is anticipated that this Mercedes G-Class 2017 will adopt petrol and diesel engines depending on the market. A new 4.0-liter eight-cylinder engine is expected to boost the performance of this new car model. The horsepower for the petrol unit is anticipated to be over 416 hp whereas the diesel engine will record a horsepower of more than 600 hp.

For the transmission, there will be two options; the 7-Speed AMG Speedshift automatic transmission and the new Mercedes’ 9-speed 9G-Tronic automatic transmission. They will both focus on improving fuel economy by offering an average of 19 mpg city/16.5 mpg highway.

Mercedes G-Class 2017 – Date of Release and Price:

Currently, the MSRP of this great Mercedes G-Class 2017 model is not yet revealed to its potential buyers. However, it is anticipated that its price will range from $127,200 up to $200,000 depending on the version. With such great refinement, performance improvement and redesigning, this fantastic car model will absolutely outweigh its market competitors upon its imminent release.

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