Nissan Leaf 2017 Specs, Price

The Nissan Leaf 2017 is going to be the second installment of the electric car series of Nissan after its first launch in 2010. The concept behind their next model was highlighted in 2017 Nissan LEAF Concept 2 fair held in Tokyo on October. LEAF stands for Leading, Environmentally Friendly, and Affordable Family vehicle. From the name, it is already clear that this new model is going to be completely pollution free. This car draws its power from Lithium-ion battery which is the company’s very own production. Since the next model is going to get launched after a break of over five years many changes can be expected in the next model. Body design and Interior modifications will be the highlight of Leaf 2017. Safety issues that had been a problem earlier are expected to get sorted out in this car. Lithium ion battery is definitely going to power a lot more miles of range.

Nissan Leaf 2017 – Remodeled Exterior

The Nissan Leaf 2017 is going to be completely different from its previous model. Nissan automakers are known for delivering some authentic designs and innovating model to the next level. When Leaf 2017 arrives in the market, expect their reputation to further enhance.

The Leaf 2017 would be offered with two-three trim levels. Starting from the base level models there will be significant improvements in both front and rear bumpers. The design of the bumpers would be sleeker than the previous model. Fog lights are going to be attached at the extreme ends of the front bumper. Grille design is going to impress a lot of people; it contains the honeycomb chrome with Nissan logo on it.

This version of cars will be launched with a wider range of colors that fans would love to have. Along with it, the headlights look awesome. Both the tail end lights and headlights have LED technology in them. A hatchback opens up all the way at back, almost vertically allowing cargo to fit with ease. The door knobs including hatchback have same locking system. Wheelbase is wider than earlier models along with broader wheels of 19 inches. Door handles have been quoted with metallic paint which gives it a shiny look.

Interior Modifications

The Nissan Leaf 2017 is going to have a feel of elegance to it. The new dashboard has been setup. Infotainment system comes with a much wider LCD touchscreen. It is expected to be of 7.5 inches. When it was first launched in 2010, use of android apps were not very relevant. But with this new model come a lot of android apps. Wi-Fi connectivity will ensure that there is no stoppage of streaming service.

Along with this presence of Bluetooth, services will ensure smooth sharing. 3 set of climate control devices; USB Slots as well as CD player insertion slots will be present. A new 8 speaker sound system is being rumored to be added in this car. Dashboard will also show the amount of charge remaining in the battery continuously while traveling.

Seats of Nissan Leaf 2017 will be more comfortable than ever. Premium quality durable leathers have been used in crafting the seats. The curvature of the seats will be slightly different from previous. This new design ensures that riders would not suffer from any after effects of riding in this car. The door knobs have been covered with leather to prevent scratching. Cabin space has been improved a lot; leg space is going to be sufficient. Many buttons with secondary control features will be available beside the seats.

Safety Features

The Nissan Leaf 2017 is going to make travelers feel a lot safer while traveling. Lots of airbags have been fitted in delicate regions especially in the leg space. A new rear view camera will ensure that no harm is done to the bumpers of the car and drivers will be alerted if any other vehicle comes too close to it.

Nissan Leaf 2017 interior

Nissan Leaf 2017 – Engine Specifications

The Nissan Leaf 2017 will be using Lithium-ion battery which was also used for its previous model. Previously there had been complaining of the battery overutilization which resulted in a loss of charge very quickly; but this time, the problem will be definitely sorted out. Last time a range of 70-85 miles was provided by the Lithium-ion battery set but this it will be twice of what was offered earlier.

Nissan Leaf 2017 side

Nissan Leaf 2017 – Price and Availability

No official announcements have been made on Nissan Leaf 2017. It is expected to be launched in the latter half of 2016 or early 2017. Prices of new Nissan Leaf 2017 is not yet reviled, but from rumor over the dealer, starting price will be around $30, 000.

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