Rimac Concept One Review

The Rimac Concept One, first created in 2011, by Rimac Automobili in Zagreb, Croatia created sensations across the world with its official unveiling at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. As an advertising initiative, Rimac Concept One will be used as the official zero-emission race director’s car at Formula E events. Rimac Automobili had confirmed they would be manufacturing 88 units of the limited edition electric super car. There are more than a few things about this preciously inspiring and innovative car that has generated hype and aroused the interest of investors to the future prospects of this project. In this context, the Concept One has been very successful in drawing in a lot of investment and potential buyers.

Rimac Concept One – Exterior and Interior

Visually this Rimac Concept One has all elements that make an ideal super car. Not a single inch could disappoint even the toughest critic. The build is not only attractive but also precise and makes use of some cutting edge engineering. Every bit of this car is seamlessly connected in a single fluid wave. The Concept One looks like it has been sculpted to perfection, rather than being made of separate parts joined together to make a chassis. With a full carbon fiber body, the Concept One is visually stunning.

Thanks to the carbon fiber body, it comes with exceptional a Cro-Mo space frame with semi-stressed aluminum and carbon fiber embers; this car has optimum weight reduction, enhanced fuel efficiency, safety, impact resilience and durability. The engineering innovation of Rimac is ground breaking and contributes to their exceptional achievement in the making of this car.

A characteristic sports car form factor is achieved in a beautiful design and compact build. Slim conical headlights sit over a low and smart grille. Flanked by sides are air intakes, and from the air intakes an irresistibly classy pure carbon fiber band of duct runs through the side and door frame to real wheel curve and appears around rear frame base. Duct also covers an electricity plug.

At this 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, many critics had noted the car’s similarity with the design study used by Koenigsegg. The rear fascia is highlighted by the deep 3D tunnel effect conical tail lights and animated indicators.

The cabin of this Rimac Concept One is driver focused and designed to provide ergonomic excellence in comfort and maneuverability. The driver-center console is efficient and utility-rich. A steering cluster and console have a LED display and a complete set of dials around the electrical power assisted steering wheel for the diver’s convenience.

To the right side of the steering, console is a small 4-inch display that relays the feed from the rear blind spot monitor, rear view camera, and rear parking assistance sensor. The large 7-inch infotainment system controls entertainment features including satellite radio and a media player, connectivity features like Wi-Fi, LTE and other features like advanced navigation and control ambient lighting in the cabin that are present in the form of LED strips along the sides of the dashboard and roof and door side panels.

Upholstery in the Rimac Concept One is done in dual tone cream-vermilion leather that intelligently used to give lovely contrast and wraps everything from the seats to door panels, dashboard, console and cluster and steering wheel. To complement the leather upholstery, carbon fiber highlights are provided meticulously to accentuate the elegance of the cabin.

Rimac Concept One interior

Rimac Concept One – Engine and Performance

This Rimac Concept one has a unique drive train configuration, where four sub systems are equally divided consisting of one electric motor, inverted and reduction gearbox. The quad- motor engine gets a whopping 92 kWh liquid-cooled Lithium-Iron-Phosphate battery module, generating 1,088 HP and 2,802 lb/ft of torque.

Rimac Concept One rear view

Rimac Concept One – Release Date and Price

The Rimac Concept One is currently in production since 2013, it is not a commercial-scale production vehicle and only manufactures on pre-ordered custom selection. Around 8 units have sold so far. Concept one is worth around $980,000.

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