Toyota i-Road Price, Concept

The Toyota i-Road is an amazing fusion of two-wheeler and four-wheeler, resulting in a three wheels automobile. A combination of the comfort of sit and drive like a car and steadiness as a bike is no more a dream. With its sleek design, this model resonates in every heart. To balance scarcity of space on roads, Toyota has come up with this mind-blowing concept of i- Road car. This adoption of a newly developed, the automatic active-lean system provides great response and an exhilarating driving experience. Through new i–Road technology the Japanese car manufacturer is trying to provide an ecological mode of transportation to car lovers.

Toyota i-Road – Recent News

The Toyota Motor Corporation announced the start of consumer trials of “i-Road” personal mobility vehicle in Greater Tokyo Area. These limited trials ran from March 24 through early June this year. This trial aimed to gauge the effectiveness of the electric vehicle in everyday situations, especially in urban areas. The Toyota i-Road offers a novel riding experience, combining the convenience of a motorcycle with the comfort and stability of a car.

This car which has been used in consumer trial run in Tokyo is based on the model that was showcased as a concept at the 43rd Tokyo Motor Show 2013. At present, it is now available in five colors with added features like improved visibility, ease-of-use, and maneuverability.

Toyota i-Road – Interior and Exterior

Speaking about interiors, Toyota i-Road has a small inside. Like, really small. A second seat does sit behind the driver’s, but it is only really useful if you happen to have legs no longer than seventeen inches. One has to struggle to sit at the back but this space is more suitable for keeping a bag and other paraphernalia. A weight of 2 people might cost heavy for this tiny automobile.

As an electric vehicle, its automatic controls are simple. It comprises of three dash-mounted buttons for neutral, drive and reverse. Along with it comes the usual brake and accelerator pedals, plus a foot brake for complete stops.

The length of Toyota i-Road is just 2,350 mm. With a wheelbase of around 1,700 mm, the width and height of the car are 850 mm and 1,445 mm respectively. This is approximately the same as any conventional two-wheeler.

The ultra-compact dimensions of this car offer excellent maneuverability – the minimum turning circle is just 9 feet. When at high-speed, the spinning radius becomes broader because of stability mechanism. It ultimately minimizes the space needed for parking.

The steering mechanism of this ultra-modern vehicle is remarkable. The steering is performed through the solo rear wheel. There are inertial sensors and a gyroscope combined with perfect steering angle and data on-road that determine how far i-Road will lean on the lane.

Toyota i-Road interior

Toyota i-Road – Engine and Charging

Another crucial fact about Toyota i-Road is that it runs on electricity and hence is a green car. It has a power packed Lithium-ion battery which needs to be charged for 3 hours before using the car, according to a spokesperson.  At a stretch, it can easily run around 30 miles.

This vehicle has got a powertrain of 2 electric motors. A mere 5 horsepower gives Toyota i-Road a power packed torque. It reaches a maximum speed of 37 mph, which is fanciful at first sight. But once you start driving this three-wheeler, you will automatically believe it. Only the front wheels of this car are powered. No transmission goes to the rear wheels.  The front wheels has 2.7 horsepower in-hub electrical motor which runs smoothly on the lithium battery.

Toyota i-Road side

Toyota i-Road – Release Date and Price

As of now nothing surely can be said about the release date and price of the car. Right now Toyota i-Road is under development and is being put under a trail rental fee of around 20 yen per minute, in Tokyo.

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